No Explanation Necessary

Have you ever met a person and after a few minutes of talking to them said to yourself, “She must be having a bad day” or “Whew, he’s so negative” or “She is really mean”.  It’s as if you are searching for some explanation or answer to how they could be the way they are.  Maybe YOU used to be that person.  Maybe you ARE that person.  Like you, I can recall many encounters with people where I didn’t act the way I should have. I remember many times simply engaging in conversations with people that I really couldn’t focus on, because I couldn’t get my mind off the bad day I had.  How insignificant I must have made the other person feel with my actions.

Where would we be if God treated us the way we often treat others? It’s not good enough to charge mean and negative behavior to “a bad day.”  As Believers in Christ, we must take accountability of our actions.  It’s not ok to hurt someone, violate rules, or break the law, without admitting what we have done.  The Word charges us to confess our sins to Jesus and because of His faithfulness, He will forgive us (1 John 1:9).  The wonderful thing about it is, He’s ALWAYS there.  We never have to feel like we’re alone, we never have to feel like we’ve gone too far, we never have to fear we have run out of chances.  God is always there, waiting for us to come to Him, to honor Jesus as our savior, and commit to living a life after God.  Ultimately, God wants the glory out of our lives and the best way to make that happen is to follow Jesus, have faith in His teachings, and share the good news of His life with everyone.

My goal in life is to get to a point in my Christian walk that anyone who sees me, knows I’m a Christian.  I strive for a certain light to shine through my smile (Matthew 5:16).  I pray for a smile that shows the joy that resides deep down in my soul.  I want others to see me and instantly know who I am, whose I am…that I am a Christian.  I strive for the day there will be no wonder of who I belong to…there will be “No Explanation Necessary.”



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